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Wensleydale Recipes

As the seasons change, we will publish a few delicious (tried and trusted!) recipes for you to try with your Organic Produce. Just click on the recipe below ......

I am always interested in receiving new recipes - and ideas to share - please e-mail me!

Kohlrabi: (it looks a bit like a sputnik)  Peel the outer rind, cut it up, boil lightly, make a white, cheese sauce and add some ham or frankfurter type sausage to it.  Or eat it on it's own (without the sausage).  Alternatively, grate it and eat it raw, either in a salad or with herb salt.

Red Cabbage: Slice very thinly and remove core.  Fry two onions in a little olive oil, add the cabbage and stir fry - add two cooking apples, sliced, and a little water if required .  Add  two cloves.  Cook until tender.

Baby Spinach: Either cook: - very quickly until just limp.  Then make a very thin sauce - chicken stock or vegetable stock is good - and add a little cheese (parmesan).

Or: In a salad  with crispy bacon and croutons, avocados and cocktail tomatoes.  Also try "two minute noodles" crisped in a little olive oil and sprinkled over the top.

Beetroot: Boil lightly, peel outer skin once cooked, make a white sauce, add peeled beetroot and serve as a hot vegetable. Liquidise cooked beetroot with chicken stock, add sour cream, salt and pepper - instant Bortsch.

Have you ever tried cooking the leaves of beetroot - better than spinach. Chop up finely, boil and serve as you would spinach.

Celery Root: Peel it, grate together with grated apple and grated carrot. Pour over a little plain yoghurt, mayonnaise or vinigrette dressing. Cook it - in stews or soups. Use the leaves to make soup. Cook it, allow to cool and serve as a salad with a vinigrette dressing.

Lambs Lettuce: The French call it Mache - the Germans call it Veldsaladt - the English call it corn salad - the Swiss call it Nuesli. It's delicious. Add it to a salad - or mix it with fresh orange segmants and a light vinigrette dressing made with fresh orange juice and serve on it's own. Goes wonderfully with smoked salmon as a garnish. Excellent with avocado and crispy bacon and croutons as an alternative to spinach salad.

Long Red Peppers: Pimento They roast beautifully. Quarter two large onions, chop up three red peppers, peel garlic but leave cloves whole, fry lightly in olive oil, add tomato paste and a few tomatoes (prefereably plum) and sun dried tomato paste (or reconstitute sun dried tomatoes) Into oven - 160 deg. - for about 40 mins.

Chinese Cabbage: Serve raw leaves as an alternative to lettuce in a salad. Alternatively stir fry them with other a mixture of other vegetables.

Butternut Soup: Slice one or two onions, one large butternut, two or three potatoes. Salt & pepper. Boil together with vegetable stock - liquidise. Add ginger and/or juice of one orange.

Banana Ice Cream: Freeze overripe bananas.  Liquidise, add yoghurt.

Chestnut Soup: This recipe has absolutely nothing to do with our organic produce. It is the very best winter soup I have ever made. 100% dinner party material. Your guests will not guess the ingredients and it is completely delicious.

2 cups chestnut puree (one large tin, imported, expensive but well worth it - Thruppps), I fried onion, 2 fried celery sticks

half pint beef stock, half pint thick cream half cup medium/sweet sherry

Dissolve puree in stock, add onion and celery, simmer 5 - 10 mins. Mix together with cream, liquidise, add sherry.

Japanese Diakon Radish: (long white fellow): Fresh for salad ---- grate or cut thin shavings - try it on bread & butter as open sandwich - add herb salt

Stir-fry: Cut into thin slices and add to the dish for the last few minutes of cooking. They not only add flavour but also a wonderfully juicy and crunchy texture.

Vegetable Miso soup: Diakon radish, pumpkin, carrot, onion, sweet potato, chinese cabbage, Place all ingredients in a pot of water and boil until tender. Add miso to the pot and simmer lightly. Add chopped spring onion or leek. Turn off heat, add tofu.

Miso Sauce: Miso or peanut butter, same quantity of sugar or honey, water, soy sauce.

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